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Tax Savings with Whytes Year End Planning 2013

Whytes - Year End Planning 2013

Tax planning is essential when looking to provide tax savings and when carried out correctly can save both individuals and companies considerable amounts. Taxpayers can manage their taxable incomes through a number of tax planning initiatives which Whytes have explained in their Year End Planning guide to help with managing taxable income. 

The tax saving initiatives explored by Whytes include:

  • Deferring income

  • Trusts

  • Capital gains tax

  • Superannuation

  • Maximising deductions

  • Companies

  • Fringe benefits tax

  • Individuals

Read Whytes Newsletter Year End Planning 2013 to find out how you can maximise your tax savings.

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The Whyte Advice - Autumn 2013 Issue

 In this Autumn 2013 Issue, Whytes will cover the following topics:

  1. Upcoming due dates
  2. LAFHA - Food and Drink Reasonable  amounts 2013
  3. No more CGT discount for non residents
  4. Car Expenses rates - c/Km
  5. Foreign Income -resident vs non resident
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Employee or contractor ?

ATO Targets for SME s in 2012/13

The Australian Tax Office says this year it will target the use of contractors by business and businesses' use of trusts to minimise tax.

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